Make Laudanum


Beginners guide to Poppies, Opium and how to make Laudanum

Make Laudanum
Make Laudanum

Growing Poppies is legal in the UK but processing into Opium and Laudanum is illegal and should not be attempted. This website is to share theoretical knowledge only.

Make Laudanum – Opium Origin

Ever wondered where Opium comes from? Or how to make Laudanum?

Opium comes from the Opium Poppy (Papaver Somniferum) which can be grown all over the world.  It is planted any time from autumn (the seeds are frost proof) through to early spring and it flowers in the UK in summer for a brief period producing beautiful petals that eventually fall off the pods.

Make Laudanum – Processing Opium

The pods can be ‘scratched’ to remove latex or can be dried and grounded to make a powder. Either can then be processed into black tar Opium, or used to make Poppy tea or Laudanum.

The effects of taking Opium are a sedative, warm, euphoric feeling and reduction in symptoms of pain. The effects last for 8 hours or longer. The effects of Opium are similar to that of morphine, codeine or heroin (which use only 1 active alkaloid from opium) but more pronounced as Opium contains all 14 active alkaloids. The side effects are itchiness, nausea, vomiting, unconsciousness, or death. It is very important to remember that the fatal dose of taking Opiates is not much higher than the normal dose so the risk of overdose is high. Opiates are very dangerous, fatalities are all too common. Treat this drug with respect or better still stay away from it!


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